Why Sell
To WatchCash?

Security, speed of transaction and final sale price are just some
of the reasons we receive rave reviews from our customers.

We are a group of successful Canadian businesspeople and luxury watch industry insiders who love watches just as much as our clients.

As collectors ourselves, we too have experienced the same problems you may be facing now when trying to sell your watch. The biggest problem we originally experienced when we were the seller was a lowball offer.

Even if a legitimate offer presented itself, we then became concerned about the risks of meeting a stranger with a very expensive watch, often involving the exchange of large sums of cash.

We are well aware that there are some great services that will resell a luxury watch for the owner but that also present issues with timing and privacy.

It can take weeks or months before a sale occurs and frankly we never enjoyed the process of having our watches up for public viewing and bidding as it could send the wrong message to friends and associates.

WatchCash was created to solve these problems. We are a real Canadian company, fully insured and funded guaranteeing you will get paid.

Our service is completely private and you can often have money in your account within 48 hours. Finally you can rest assured you will receive an extremely competitive price for your luxury watch.

There is also no risk in working with us. If you are not happy with your offer after we examine your watch you are under no obligation to sell.

We encourage you to contact us now if you are considering selling your luxury watch. We look forward to hearing from you.