Feed It Forward

We cannot stop time, yet we can stop hunger.

Canada throws away $31 billion dollars worth of consumable food every year, while 1 out of every Canadian families face food insecurities where they do not know where their next meal is going to come from. At Watch Cash part of our offerings is to support individuals who need to sell their designer watch due to unforeseen circumstances and emergencies. While it is a small percentage of our valued clients that are faced with personal hardship, it is those people who have pulled on our heart strings and have inspired us to become a sponsor of Feed it Forward. An organization driven by volunteers and lead by philanthropist Chef Jagger Gordon where Jagger and his team rescue thousands of kilos of food from Ontario grocery stores, farmers, growers, bakeries, distributors, and restaurants and make delicious and healthy meals for those in need.

In an effort to support individuals and families who are dealing with food insecurities and poverty, Watch Cash will be donating $25 for each watch we purchase. Every $25 will make 10 meals giving 10 people a healthy, nutritious meal. Our goal is to help feed 100 people per day and be part of the feed it forward movement.

Watch the difference

How many meals and how many people you fed.


Watch Sold


Bellies Fed


Bellies Filled

No one at no time should go hungry

Join the WatchCash Family as we feed 100 people per day. When you sell us your watch, 10 lives will be impacted.