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Fastest pay in the industry. We pay you immediately by direct bank deposit upon authentication of your Rolex or other luxury watch - or you can choose to be paid UP-FRONT via secure PayPal once you have accepted our offer (for more details on which option is best for you, read more).

You’re 100% covered. You’re 100% covered.

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“Integrity Pricing”. We always pay top dollar. No “pawn shop” or lowball prices—no craigslist scams–ever.

Industry experience. With offices in North America from the Miami Beach area to Toronto, we are successful businesspeople who are passionate about collecting Rolex and other luxury watches. We have extensive experience in retailing jewelry. This is why we can quote you and pay you so quickly.

Technologically advanced. We buy a lot of old-school watches, but our ordering, shipping and fulfillment are anything but. From package help to package tracking to payment status updates, we are with you every step of the way.

Our promise If you are not happy with your offer after we examine your Rolex or other luxury watch, you are under no obligation to sell.


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I was pretty nervous about selling my Patek over the Internet but you came through for me. I asked for a quote last weekend and you surprised me with a quote on Saturday night. Wasn’t expecting until Monday. Then I couldn’t find all my original papers and I emailed you and you got it sorted straight away. Turned out it was not a problem at all! What I liked most was going from quote to $22,700 in my bank account quick. Great service all around. Cheers.

Tom D

Having experienced the frequent misfortune of dealing with online companies that are unresponsive, slow and, frankly, cheap, I was gratified to have the real pleasure of concluding a successful transaction with you wherein you purchased by Blancpain Villeret “Half Timezone.” You were competitive with your price, responsive with your emails and expeditious with your payment. When I again have that itch to sell another of my watches, it shall be you gentlemen toward whom I turn. Many thanks.


Definitely not what I expected. I was looking for about $8000for my Rolex two-tone I got a good quote, sent my watch in, and then I get this email from you. It says that you inspected it and it’s not the right model. It says it’s a collectible so instead of getting my expected $8000 you offered me $11000. You could have totally ripped me off and I would never have known but you did me a real solid and paid me what me watch was really worth. You made my day, well more like my whole year.

Jeremie C

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