Instantly Get Paid $100 for Every New Customer You Refer

Do you know anyone who wants to sell their Rolex or other luxury watch for top dollar?

You can get paid $100 with three simple steps:

- Have them go to to get a quote on their watch.

- You email us at with your Personal Referral Code, your name and your friend's name. Your Personal Referral Code is generate link

- If we buy their watch, we'll PayPal you $100.

Yes. It is that simple.

Refer 1 friend, make $100. Refer 10 friends whose watches we buy and make $1000! Or more.

You can also tell your friends on social media. Simply tell them to contact you if they have a watch to sell. You get their email address and you tell them how to get a quote on their watch. Then you email us, just like above. That's all there is to it. WatchCash. Not just cash for your watch. Cash for theirs, too."

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