PayPal or Bank Direct Deposit: Which Is Right for You?

WatchCash can pay you for your watch in two different ways. The standard way is by immediate direct deposit to your bank once we have authenticated your watch. But there is another way, too, the PayPal way. What’s unique about this is we pay you for your watch before you ship to us. Here’s how PayPal works: the good and the not so good. - WatchCash really does pay PayPal for your watch before you ship it to us. - You will be able to look in your PayPal account and see the funds there. - There is a catch, maybe. But it’s set by PayPal, not by us. When we send you money by PayPal, PayPal looks at your account standing. They can choose to release the money to you immediately. Or in 1 day. Or 3 days. Or 7 days. Or even as long as 21 days. What they choose to do depends on how long you have had an account with PayPal; the nature and history of your transactions with them; and the amount we’re paying. - As we said, you will be able to see that we really have paid you immediately. And PayPal will have the money, not us. But it’s between you and PayPal how soon they will release these funds. - What this means is that for most people, it’s better to ship your watch to us, have us authenticate it, and then have us pay you by direct deposit into your bank account. You’ll have the money the fastest. - But for some people, if you’ve had a PayPal account for a long time, and if your account is in really excellent standing (think of it like PayPal’s own credit rating of your account), then PayPal up-front could get you the money faster. - The decision is entirely, 100% up to you. We just like to offer our customers both options.

What happens if my watch gets lost or damaged?

You are always 100% protected. Now, with thousands of worldwide shipments under our belt, we have never had a lost or damaged watch. But is it possible? Sure. That’s why we insure your watch for the full quote value, whether you are shipping to us or we are shipping your watch back to you.

Do you accept watches from outside Canada?

Yes. We buy and sell watches worldwide. And no matter where you are, we send you your cash within 24-48 hours after we receive your watch. That's why we're WatchCash. No one gets you your cash faster.

Can I talk to you on the phone before I ship my watch to you?

Absolutely! In fact, we always speak to our clients before they overnight their watch to us. Most of our clients are repeat customers, so we want to get to know you and your watch preferences, as well as answer any questions you may have. We are as eager to receive your watch for inspection as we are to get you quickly paid in full for putting your trust in us.

Do you need to find a buyer for my watch before you pay me?

Absolutely not! Unlike many other firms, we take the risk, not you. We are not consignors. Selling your watch is our job, not yours. Because we’re very good at it, we can offer you competitive prices right away – and then get you paid exceptionally fast, faster than just about anyone else.

How much is my watch worth?

The value of your watch is based on many factors. Some of these are watch-specific, like the condition of your watch. Has it been altered so that it is no longer truly authentic? Does it work perfectly, like new? Does it need any repairs to make it in salable condition? What kinds of defects, scratches or imperfections does it have? How noticeable are they and where are they? Is the case dry or has water seeped in and/or caused damage? Beyond watch-specific criteria are market-specific ones. If Hublot watches suddenly become popular because the hero in a movie is wearing one, that can significantly drive demand and prices up. Conversely, different brands and models can remain popular overall, but still fall in and out of favor among different groups (wealthy Millennials, for example) based on their unique tastes. Others, like Rolex, are absolutely timeless. Last, there are packaging-specific criteria. Do you have the original box and papers? These are very important as buyers will pay a premium for them. What about the strap? Is it the original and in good condition? Is it the original length or has that been altered? Taking watch-specific, market-specific and packaging-specific criteria into account, we will make the most competitive offer that is possible. We think you will be very pleased with it.

Can you explain more about why even just 2% of the quotes have to be changed based on your inspection?

Our customers love their watches, but in rare cases, they may unfortunately own a watch that was misrepresented to them or that has issues or defects that reduce the watch’s value. If that happens in your case, we will always contact you with detailed information and a revised quote.

No matter what our inspection finds, we will always be direct and forthright with you about quotes and your options. You are in control.

Then, it is entirely up to you whether you want to sell us your watch at the revised price or whether you want us to ship your watch back to you, which we will do at zero cost to you, fully insured.

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